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You've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into starting and growing a profitable business. You're starting to think about your next chapter, which includes selling or transitioning your business over the next 1-5 years. When it comes time to sell, you want to give yourself the best chance to sell at the highest price and on the best terms.

We partner with and invest in your business with our time, expertise, network, and capital, to help you maximize the value of your business, and make it more attractive to ideal buyers when it's time to sell.

We Buy Businesses

Need to sell your business and not willing or wait a few years? We can help. We buy businesses with $1-30 million in revenue and 8-100 employees in the USA or Canada. We provide business owners with a way to rapidly transition to a new owner operator or, remain in the business for a few years and take some of their chips off the table in the form of a partial or gradual buyouts. We can typically complete transactions in under 45 days.

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