Is Your Vision Open to Interpretation?

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Jeff Dyck
February 18, 2020

Does your vision align, inspire, and motivate your team, or confuse them?

One of the meme's circling the web lately is of a parking space for pregnant women that has humorously been relabeled as a parking space for fat guys who like to grill.

After looking at the image, what do you see? It's open to interpretation, right? 

As humorous as it is, it's also analogous to the lack of a clear vision  in so many businesses.

When your vision isn't clear, concrete, and understood in the same by all, it can have catastrophic consequences. For instance, without the same vision, your people may be focused on work that they think is moving you closer to where you want to be, when in reality, it's moving you further away. This can cause confusion and frustration, particularly when they're asked to adjust work deliverables or move into a new direction, which doesn't align with what they think the vision is.

How to tell if your vision needs work: 

  1. Write down your company vision on a large sheet of paper or whiteboard.
  2. Select 3-10 employees and pull them aside separately. Explain to them that you're doing some research to understand whether your company vision is clear. Make sure they don't have a chance to first read your version of the vision statement.
  3. Next ask them what they believe the vision of your company is over the next 5-10 years. Ask them if they can clearly articulate the hard targets you are striving for in terms of revenue, profit, and other KPI's.
  4. Write down everything they tell you on a whiteboard (in their own words) - making sure others don't see the whiteboard before giving their answer. Then, compare and contrast.

If you need help crafting or refining your vision, I'd be happy to help. Simply hit the "Let's Talk" button and we'll find a time to discuss this together.

Clear the chaos and confusion that is getting your business stuck.

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