Hi, I'm Jeff


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Jeff Dyck

Chief Chaos Wrangler

WHO I AM: A bold, adventurous, high energy strategic big picture driver who thrives in uncertainty. Approachable and inclusive leader and teacher. Master untangler of chaos and confusion in businesses of any size or type. Simplifier of complex technologies and topics. Creative and adaptive systems thinker who asks questions that drive deep insight and perspective.

WHAT I DO: I build bold bridges that move courageous, boundary pushing innovators over any obstacle so they can grow businesses that change the world.

WHY TRUST ME? I have achieved verifiable success in startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500s across markets, industries, cultures, and geographies. For example:

  • Founded, grew, and sold niche property management business. Developed customer retention strategy resulting in <5% turnover annually (over 8 years) vs. 30-50% industry average. Drove 30%+ annual revenue growth working part-time and with $0 marketing budget to mid 5 figures monthly recurring revenue at time of acquisition.
  • Acquired failing regional fertilizer business, returned it to profitability within 9 months, and then sold it at 5x return on investment within 12 months. Developed turnaround strategy which grew customer base by 46%. Streamlined product set and sourcing saving 14% annually. Grew revenue 60% through development and sale of new, higher margin services.
  • Developed go-to-market plan including sales and business development strategy for CPG startup. Designed and operationalized product supply system. Sourced and secured capital. Discovered pathways into customer channel. Coached founder on acquisition of paying pilot customers leading $2M in revenue and a qualified $10 million pipeline of new opportunities within 1 year.
  • Led successful turnaround of multiple stalled or failing digital transformations in Fortune 500s valued at up to $40M each.
  • Pioneered value based strategy and sales framework directly responsible for $150M USD in revenue for leading management consulting firm.
  • And much more.

My Values

  1. Start with Why - First and fast in strategic purpose-driven change. There's no point in crossing a bridge unless you know why and when you can be BOLD.
  2. People are Essential - Relationships that are authentic, transparent, flexible and without pretense. People are the piers and structure of any enduring bridge.
  3. Be Thorough - Deep, wide, fast, and compelling research bridging to best practices, data, an insight.
  4. Think Differently - Innovative, powerfully ranked conclusions bridging current and new paradigms with foresight, insight, and data.
  5. Act with Urgency - Sequenced detailed action plans for immediate and efficient response and delivery with real time measurement spanning present and future state.
  6. Foresight is Paramount - Now and next chapters in mind, so we know where to build the next span.