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We help CEOs and business owners find and address the right problems and opportunities, so that you can grow a business with greater speed, profit and impact. 

Remember the fire and drive you once had in your business?

You were clear, confident, and committed. 

Then, you made it happen. You grew your business and your team. But now, things are getting out of control. You’re working more and accomplishing less. Stressed out and overwhelmed. 

You know that your business is capable of more, but something has to give. The cause? You’ve lost perspective on where you came from, clarity on where you’re going, and aren’t sure what to focus on, to get there. 

What you need is a Bold Bridge that moves you from where you are, to where you want to go. 


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Here’s how we’re helping entrepreneurs like you.

Clearing the Chaos and Getting Organized

When everything about your business is in your head, spread across hard drives and woven through old documents, it’s nearly impossible to know where you are and get your team on the same page.

We helped this visionary entrepreneur get his business out of his brain, written down, and organized. We then helped him craft a story that was simple, concrete, and could easily be conveyed. This aligned and inspired his team, partners, and investors.

Clarifying the “WHY”

Having too much business is a good problem to have, right?

That’s what happened to an entrepreneur we worked with recently. He was so busy working with his clients, that he completely lost touch with this ambitions of using the business to help an entire nation become healthier.

We stepped him through a series of conversations and activities which helped him recapture that vision, create a simple plan for achieving it, and then brought together the strategies, solutions, and partners, to make it happen.

Pivot or Perish - Reinventing a Failing Business

When a pandemic shuts off your only revenue stream and you’re left burning cash while trying to find new ways to keep the lights on, things can feel pretty bleak.

We helped the owners of manufacturing business quickly understand the changing needs of their non-profit clients and then in weeks, develop, test, and go to market with several new product offerings that are helping to replace lost revenue streams and save the business.

We call our process bridge building.

What our clients are saying

Prior to meeting Jeff, everything I had thought about my business was all in my head. Nothing was written on paper in front of me. This made me feel really overwhelmed, with no sense of direction as to where my business was heading. I hadn’t clearly defined my mission, vision, needs, challenges or even client personas. All of this together made my business feel more like a hobby than anything else. After meeting and working with Jeff, everything became crystal clear. Through our working sessions, Jeff was able to help me solve a lot of unanswered questions in my business, which resulted in clear-cut solutions to meet my clients needs and solve their problems, including my own too.

— Faisal A. Startup CEO

We are a startup software company and were having trouble conceptualizing presenting our data in a consumer-friendly way. We asked Jeff if he could take a look and give us some feedback. After only a short amount of time, Jeff pointed out that our dilemma stemmed from the fact that we were focusing on the wrong things. Even as seasoned entrepreneurs, we fell into the common practice of focusing too much on the product features vs. the problems we were trying to solve for our customer. Thankfully Jeff pointed this out to us and helped us get back to our core with various simple exercises and resources.

Monica P. Startup CMO

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